Is Lena Pretty?

What if our girls formed their personal identities around characteristics like intelligence, bravery, and kindness–instead of around a word like pretty? What if that word hardly mattered at all? 

A book about self-concept for young girls that emphasizes the important role people in a child’s life play in the development of their self-esteem.

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Initially, Lena is complimented only on her appearance by passersby. As the book continues, Lena’s family, teachers and caregivers reinforce Lena’s other important characteristics.

At the end of the book, Lena is able to make her own determination about who she is and what the word pretty means to her.

Released 5/1/15

In 2016, the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Orange County asked Liza to donate signed copies of Is Lena Pretty? to their summer camp. With help from some amazing people we were able to reach our goal! Read more here.

A 2015 AMAZON BEST SELLER in Children’s Self-Esteem Books


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